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Eco Schools

We have used some milk containers to plant flowers and brighten up our school garden

Planting some trees in our school garden

Our homemade birdfeeders are in the trees all round school. We look after the birds in winter. 
Our clean up crew have been busy picking up litter.

Litter... don't drop it...stop it.

The P1s made bird feeders from suet and seeds. Yummy.
2A and 2C have been making cereal birdfeeders.
We needed to tidy the garden so Class 2A set to work. They found a few surprises.
Say hello to our Eco Committee for this year.

We are delighted to announce that we have achieved our Eco-Schools Green Flag award. 

Look at all our recycling! We took part in Wrigley's Litter Less Campaign.

We put our rubbish in the bin.

Thanks to everyone who supported our Cash for Clobber event.

We made bird feeders.

Some of our school was looking a bit messy!

We decided to make an eco garden for everyone to enjoy.

Now for the soil.

One of our neighbours gave us a compost bin. Now we can recycle our fruit and shredded paper to make our own soil.

We used some of our bulbs while the other seeds are growing.

We love to recycle!

Class 1c planted peas and beans.

We want everyone to enjoy our garden.

Look at our garden now.


Time to start sowing seeds again.

Class 1C have green fingers!

2A are measuring in the garden.

We all help to look after the garden

1A are working hard.

There are some visitors in our garden

We achieved Highly Commended Status from the Best Kept School Awards.

It is June and look how our garden has grown.

Please come back again to see how our garden is growing.